Saturday, December 5, 2009


When you make it to the top,

wait for me.


  1. Hi there, suzyQ.
    I just happened to come across your blog and fell upon your charming photos.
    You are a fabulous photographer. I enjoy your camera perspectives. :)
    This girl on a swing photo and caption is so sweet.

    You do well at your craft. I enjoyed it!

  2. love the new banner....

    and this photo....and the words....well it just melted my heart !!
    really fabulous !!!

  3. I love the back view of people and have taken many images of my own family this way. I love her tights - too cute.

  4. love love love your photos!! simply gorgeous.

  5. oh wow is this ever a cool shot...then I stopped at your banner ..bravo what a masterpiece!!

  6. Beautiful photo, I love the colours of the young girls legins.

  7. So breathtaking. The photo and your words.

  8. Interesting little position she is in on the swing.

  9. I have a dear "Suzie-Q" college friend which was my reason for clicking on your blog to take a peek as I enter the blogosphere for myself, TODAY!

    This pic reminds me of a tender moment pushing my son on a swing when he was 3 or 4, he exclaimed "Mom, I'm going so high, I can see the future!"

    Thanks for inspiring that sweet memory!


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