Thursday, July 29, 2010

those people at the table (#1)

at the head sits my grandfather, the farmer. the chocolate milkshake maker. the spoiler. the one whose snores make you smile in the middle of the night while snug between him and my grandmother. the one with the dirty jeans. the one with the worn-out, big, comfy chair in the living room. the one who makes the big batch of peaches 'n milk that's out on the counter every summer morning before he leaves for his early morning cattle duties. the one who can tell a joke over and over, and it gets funnier every time. the elvis presley junkie. the truck driver. the TV King (I am known as the TV Queen). the one who says "how's my firstborn?" every time he sees me. the sweet tea addict. the die-hard Republican. the basketball/tennis coach. the one who has taught most of his grandchildren how to properly dive into the swimming pool- no matter how long it took (he once stood by the side of our neighborhood pool with me for hours until my dive put Michael Phelps to shame.) the one who runs the entire beach every day when we take our family vacation...(yes this is my grandfather we are talking about). my encourager. the one with the most comfortable lap in the world. the old-fashioned Southern boy. the lover of my sweet grandmother. the one who has always caught me since toddler years with strong arms as I run and jump in his arms, and still does.

This is my Big Daddy. Not only is he the head of the table, he is the head of our family.

for the next few posts, I will be telling you about each of these amazing people at the table- my family. I hope you begin to love 'em as much as I do.)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the quiet shadows...

she listens...
to the tune of her loved ones, hearing the music she adores.
the music of their voices harmonized together, the familiar warmth of their bodies close by.
she listens...
to the very happiness that defines her.

she listens.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The latest

Lately, I kinda have been substituting my big 'ole Canon for my little bitty camera phone. It is so easy to grab and instantly snap the moment before me... and since the quality of picture is much less, it forces me to really capture the essence of the life surrounding me. Sure, my cellphone pictures aren't the prettiest pictures in the world, but they are close to my heart. They really illustrate what is going on around me- the real stuff, no fancy equipment to beautify it.

No, I am definitely not putting up my SLR for good... it is just fun to play around with something new. I actually am shooting every day now- I was always "too busy" to do so before.

Go here here and here for more cellphone picture love. (you can also go to my link in the left panel)

These are my favorites so far: