Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pink Thursday (4)

Ahh. We come to an end of Pink Thoughts. I hope that even though October is ending, pink thoughts will still continue to buzz in your mind.

I hope that you continue
to remember,
to pray,
to cherish,
to hope,
and to love for those affected with breast cancer.

May there always be a special pink place in your soul.

Much love-

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It comes

the rain comes.

and comes.

and comes.

despite the cold and wet, it sure makes for a good picture.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take a leap... lessons from the trampoline

Do you sometimes feel like you are just living your life robot-style? Like you are just going through your regular ole every day routine; like you are in a car going 200 miles an hour watching your life pass you by outside the window? Are you bored with yourself?

My new challenge: Take everything slowly. Live your life by the edge of your seat, eagerly grasping every exciting opportunity that comes your way. Anticipate. Get giddy over the little out of the ordinary happenings in your everyday life. Take risks. Try something new. Bake a cake, go roller-skating, try a new instrument, get a pedicure. Scrounge up every last crumb of your day (who cares if you get a little bloated in the end?)

Just take a leap into life again. Jump as high as you can-
just have the ride of your life.

And don't forget to take notes along the way.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pink Thursday (3)

I love the shades of pink in this picture- his lips, cheeks, and ears. I had to bribe him to let me capture a few shots of him after school one day. We played, wrestled, and he macho-ly posed with his football in hand as well. We had a lot of brother-sister fun.

I am even willing to bet that he will be begging me sometime next week for us to do it again.

Tonight, as I sleepily murmur my prayers, I am going to be sure to get in a few good wishes for all the brave breast cancer victims and their families.

I might even say a thankful one for this cute little fellow as well.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Your time will come, little one.
Just hold on tight.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"The Battle of the Internal suzyQ"... stay tuned for next week...


Oh, the freedom it brings to my life.
But, oh, the anxiety that follows close behind.

Does that sound like I envisioned it would? Correct grammar? What should I write about next? What if I run out of things to write about? Am I getting the point across that I have agonized over the last hour? What can I do to inspire and touch my readers? What is the purpose of this blog?

(Can you tell I have an analytical side?)

So, then my psychiatric side must quiet and console my endless thoughts.
She tells them:

"As long as you are making yourself happy with what you write, nothing else matters. Never worry about running out of things to say- life happens, and when it does, your story will unfold along the way. No matter what, your words will somehow touch someone out there- end of story. Now, only you can reveal the purpose of your blog- think about it."

After much consideration, I answer, "Well, I started it as a creative outlet and a place to showcase some of my amateur photography. But, it turned into a place where I express my thoughts and it has taken me in many directions unimaginable. It is a confidence builder, friendship maker, and much more. My blog never ceases to listen to everything I have to say, without the slightest complaint. I guess that the purpose of it would be to challenge and uplift my own life, and hopefully lighten the load of some other people's lives as well. I want my readers to arrive here and feel at home, and for the stress and worries of their everyday lives to dissolve... knowing that anyone has received any kind of inspiration from my words gives me the greatest satisfaction I can ever have."

"Well, suzyQ, there ya go. Next time those crazy thoughts start buzzing again, tell them they will have to mess with me."

I love my psychiatric side.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pink Thoughts (2)

"Save the Ta-Tas."

Happy Pink Thoughts to you all.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I love.

1. The coolness that is just now approaching the air in my southern town. The need to reach for a light sweater delights me.
2. The sudden urges I have to jog around my neighborhood because of the beautiful weather. All the thoughts jumbled around in my head begin to make sense when I just let my mind go wild.
3. Vanilla yogurt (it is my new every morning breakfast.)
4. The fact that my sister and I have barely argued in the past week or so- yesterday, I could have sworn she smiled at me.
5. The adorable notes and doodles that my boyfriend leaves in my locker.
6. My history teacher has actually taken a liking to me. Today, we held some very detailed conversations (he even cracked a smile too!)
7. Hugging my mother every night before going to bed, and then hugging her in the morning-
-bed head and all.
8. Lingering under the cozy, warm sheets in the morning.
9. The photo shoots that a couple of mothers have asked me to do for their children (this one makes me especially giddy)
10. Seeing one of my best friends that graduated last year for the first time in a while. We talked for about two hours straight- I have missed that girl with every ounce of my being. Our lengthy discussion included talk about her ongoing love of college, while missing her real home. She came to one of our football games, and she said she felt like she should still be in the student section cheering with all of the crazy teens. This is what I am constantly analyzing about my future- the fear of leaving my whole life behind me and going on to the unfamiliar. See here.
11. This lovely little lady bug that elegantly posed for me while I took her picture.

I hope you are loving your life as well.
Happy Tuesday.


Sunday, October 11, 2009


Every Sunday we come together.
Communion is my favorite part of the service.
The lights are dimmed. The prayers are said. There is a single glow from the flickering candles. Hands are held. Eyes are dabbed. The soft music is playing. We all go down to the front to partake in the bread and juice. It is silent. Peaceful. Magical. Warm. Inviting.

It's at this moment that we are whole; gathering for one reason.
We are friends.
We are family.
We are happy.
We are loved.

We... are one.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

You know you are from the South when...

This is a daily view in your household.

Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pink Thoughts (1)

my grandmother-
her blond locks slowly began to disappear.
the gold on her skin was reluctant to shine.
the strength she normally had no trouble exerting began to fade;
but the smile on her face or the warm in her touch never withered.
the cancer no longer claims my grandmother.
its mark, barely visible.
but the memories...they will always remain.

To learn more about, or participate in "Pink Thoughts in October," click on the link over on the right- you know you want to.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


I spent my Sunday afternoon photographing a birthday party- of twin 4 year old girls! Everything was absolutely precious. I have a gazillon photos that I will posting periodically... but this wonderful little party gave me inspiration for this week. Lately, I have been rushing around trying to do this and that, and I have forgotten to enjoy the little moments. So, as I was taught this afternoon by a dozen squealing little girls, I am going to enjoy every little inch of every day- or at least do my best. So I am off to get in my pajamas, grab a cup of hot chocolate, watch some sitcom re-runs, and enjoy.

I hope that you can try it too.


Friday, October 2, 2009


Fall is divine. I am on my way outdoors to soak up the sun and let my hair blow in the wind. Aren't these flowers perfect for this time of year?

I hope you all are enjoying your fall and have a terrific weekend.