Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pink Thoughts (1)

my grandmother-
her blond locks slowly began to disappear.
the gold on her skin was reluctant to shine.
the strength she normally had no trouble exerting began to fade;
but the smile on her face or the warm in her touch never withered.
the cancer no longer claims my grandmother.
its mark, barely visible.
but the memories...they will always remain.

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  1. I'm so glad you chose to join in, especially when it has directly affect your family.

    The photo you select is fitting. It's full of different shades of pink and it is these young girls that will benefit from the research we do today.

  2. this is so very touching and I am loving the way you payed tribute to a special lady!

  3. i love the story about your grandmother~
    it warms my heart
    as soon as your banner popped up, i felt at home~

  4. my father passed away from cancer ... it's so hard to watch them fade away ...

  5. Liss and Elk: Thank you both very much. She is very dear and near to my heart.

    Christina- I am so honored to hear that from you because your blog does the same for me. Thank you.

    S.Etole- I am so sorry to hear that, and yes it is extremely hard. I cannot even imagine.


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