Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I love.

1. The coolness that is just now approaching the air in my southern town. The need to reach for a light sweater delights me.
2. The sudden urges I have to jog around my neighborhood because of the beautiful weather. All the thoughts jumbled around in my head begin to make sense when I just let my mind go wild.
3. Vanilla yogurt (it is my new every morning breakfast.)
4. The fact that my sister and I have barely argued in the past week or so- yesterday, I could have sworn she smiled at me.
5. The adorable notes and doodles that my boyfriend leaves in my locker.
6. My history teacher has actually taken a liking to me. Today, we held some very detailed conversations (he even cracked a smile too!)
7. Hugging my mother every night before going to bed, and then hugging her in the morning-
-bed head and all.
8. Lingering under the cozy, warm sheets in the morning.
9. The photo shoots that a couple of mothers have asked me to do for their children (this one makes me especially giddy)
10. Seeing one of my best friends that graduated last year for the first time in a while. We talked for about two hours straight- I have missed that girl with every ounce of my being. Our lengthy discussion included talk about her ongoing love of college, while missing her real home. She came to one of our football games, and she said she felt like she should still be in the student section cheering with all of the crazy teens. This is what I am constantly analyzing about my future- the fear of leaving my whole life behind me and going on to the unfamiliar. See here.
11. This lovely little lady bug that elegantly posed for me while I took her picture.

I hope you are loving your life as well.
Happy Tuesday.



  1. You have a blessed life that is for sure - enjoy every moment. Love the lady bug - she is very pretty.

  2. I don't believe you are ever to old to hug your mother.

    I hope you can share some of the images you take at your kids photography shoot. So cool that you have been asked to do this.

  3. your blog is very delightFULL and love your pictures a lot


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