Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my girls.

my sisters.
(taken with my tripod and self-timer)

we are best friends.
slumber buddies.
late night cookie dough eaters.
self proclaimed stand-up comedians.
closet sharers.
advice givers.
middle of the night cover stealers.

we... are sisters.

August Break #4)


  1. How did you get such a perfect, timed, spontaneous shot?

  2. Thank you both!
    Kass: We were kind of fake laughing at first, but by the time the timer ran out we were full-out laughing so I guess we just got lucky! I love it too though, and am so glad I happened to get it.

  3. what a treasured photo of friends and a moment in time ...

  4. What a beautiful moment! And you have such a marvelously lyrical way of writing...have you ever thought about writing a song?

  5. What a gorgeous, magical image. It seems to capture all the magic that is sisters. Lucky you. Lucky them.

  6. Kristin: I have never considered it, but what a compliment! Maybe I will try it sometime. Thank you so much!

    Thanks to everyone else as well!

    *And these aren't my biological sisters, but they are like family to me.

  7. i love this photo. i know you will cherish it.


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