Tuesday, March 1, 2011

her dress

she wore this dress in college.
it's still his favorite dress...

her thin, sunned legs dance across the floor.
she smiles and freckles glisten across her face.
her manicured nails wave as she socializes across the room.
her grace, class, and poise are undeniable.
her fox trot is flawless.
all eyes follow her laugh,
her perfect laugh.
the chandelier lights dance across her shining dress.

she makes her way toward the dark end of the room.
he, her stern grandfather, sits alone.
the light follows her kind walk.

and with a sparkle in her eyes, she asks him to dance.
he sets down his cane,
takes one last sip of his lonesome cocktail,
and joins her.
and then all eyes are on the lucky man.

because as she leads him in a flawless fox trot,

he smiles.
and with her shine,

he is glowing.


  1. Beautiful and tender.
    Combination of picture and poem = perfection.

  2. exquisite writing, friend... it flows, like the hem of the dress across the floor of my mind...

    i so appreciate you.

  3. i so appreciate all of you! this dress's story is very special to me, and i'm glad you all love it too.

  4. this tells such a tender story ...

  5. Aaaaahhhhh you reached straight for my heart again Suzy...
    I'm smiling as memories bubble up in my veins and lead my head to the dancefloor.
    You're heavenly girl. You are.
    Hugs D.


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