Wednesday, August 10, 2011


she sits

with her toes in the sand,
sea water rushing over the tops of her feet,
and sunshine warming her skin...

and yet her mind is elsewhere.
on one shoulder sits Past,
on the other, Future.
her mind travels between the two,
trying and failing to find common ground.
Past lovingly twirls her hair and brushes her cheek
while reminding her of warm memories long forgotten.
Future giggles in her ear with the excitement of what is to come...

and she can't choose.
she looks back at the girl she was with freckles and an uneven bob,
then forward at college applications sitting on her desk at home;
and she doesn't know where to go-
how to move on to resumes and scholarships
when the little girl with dolls in tow is grabbing her hand and pulling her back.

and then a seagull flies by,
and she is in reality once more.
Past and Future have gone,
and for the moment,
she focuses back on the present,
forgetting the visitors on her shoulder...

until their absence is no more,
and they return to their constant home in her mind.


  1. beautiful....and sounds like how my son is thinking right now.....

  2. well said of the tug-of-war that goes on ...

  3. oh friend, this is brilliant. i need to focus on the present more. to ignore those voices... thinking of you, sister, in this time of transition. he goes ahead of us and determines our steps... we need only follow. xo

  4. simply beautiful! you are such a talented poet.

    one love, my friend. hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  5. thanks everyone for the kind words and advice! xo

  6. Suzanna, you hit me to the core with this one girl. You Rock. Do yourself a beautiful favour and send this out to an publisher. Bundle them and make a nice little pocket book out of all the wonderful words you put on paper (uh or should I say screen, ;-). No serious girl you are blessed with the most wonderful way of putting feelings into words. Go for it!

    Oh and a side mark: Never ever let the girl with the crooked banks fade away. Meet up with her every now and then couse she's a darn cute who can make you giggle when you need it the most.

    Good luck in your new school year, you can pull it off my friend. Soooo glad to be back in your space.
    Wonderful hugs D.
    pps thanks for your comments lately they feel good.

  7. Dagmar you are too kind! what sweet things to say. much love to you!

  8. love.this.yep, i do.

    great imagary with the little girl grabbing at her and pulling her back.


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