Tuesday, November 15, 2011


to family, she clings.

family held her together-

through harsh eyes,

judging voices,

and distant friends-

it was always constant,


without family, she thought,

i will shatter.

one day, though,

it stumbled-

was no longer sturdy.

and yet,

still she stood.

she was stronger than she thought.


  1. Hey there you beauty.
    give me wings so I can fly. I'm too much grounded these last couple of months. Wich I suppose was needed much needed for me in a way but it's making my tired. So I'd love for you to send out that wing, even if it's just the one.
    Soft hugs and great post suzy.

  2. Beautiful post. I'm still studying the image. Did you take that shot? A knife and a pencil?

  3. Kass- I did take the shot, with my ipod. It's actually the window view of the wings of a plane!


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