Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I love the Simple Things..

homemade chocolate truffles.
going to my siblings' basketball games (the cheerleader comes out in me.. loudly) - they are also much more athletic than I am..
my dad staying up til the wee hours of the night proofing and editing my history papers..with master quality.
pesto and basil slathered on wheat rolls.
soap operas with the girls.
the weekend is only... 3 days away now.
watching my brother save up to buy a "candy gram" at school for his new girlfriend.. it reads "Happy Valentine's Day! Me + You forever." I also might add that his beau is an older woman- she is in the 5th grade while he is the fourth. I always knew that boy was a lady's man.
my plush bathrobe that is currently covering my worn-out jammies.
trees outlined in a lovely sunset.
freshly cut grapefruit on an old wooden board.

I hope your life is generously filled with simple things that make you beam.

go here for more simple delight..



  1. MMM any chocolate is ok in my book.

  2. trees outlined in a lovely sunset. beauty to behold.

    great list here. thanks for sharing.

    one love.

  3. Good morning, SuzyQ, and thank you for your list ~ it oozes with love for your family, and that is truly lovely!

  4. i was thinking yesterday about how much i love peanut butter, especially in vanilla ice cream.

  5. I loved your list! You really love your family, that is demonstrated here so beautifully.
    xo country girl

  6. I like your list of simple things very much! The photo is very cheerful.

    Your little brother is going to make that girl very happy!

  7. I love your list....especially the little story about your brother....how sweet is that ?

  8. great photos by the way on your page, and love the list, especially the trees outlined in the sunset :)

  9. pesto on wheat rolls. yummy! better watch out for that little brother. those older women will get ya.

  10. wow, your brother sounds adorable. yes to chocolate truffles.
    i adore this photo.

  11. pls let me know if my comment doesn't go through. i will come back. lol

  12. I love your list...and your photograph!! Amazing! And your last sentence is the most beautiful of all.

  13. what a wonderful list of family love in simple things...your dad rocks!!

  14. 'trees outlined in a lovely sunset'
    my favourite from your warm, cosy list!
    great photo!

  15. Oh your dad is wonderful :)
    your brother is sweet and
    your bath robe sound comforting

  16. I love your simple list. And am now feeling very hungry. Your photography is gorgeous, Suzie Q. Just gorgeous!

  17. Oh Suzy when simple things can fill your days you're a lucky girl to see and embrase them.
    Love this post and the picture is wonderful.
    Keep me informed about the lovelife of your baby brother here. hihih.


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