Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jumping out of my seat...


It SNOWED. In my town. 4 inches.
I spent yesterday in the snow, gleaming the whole time.
Yes, I have been the obnoxious kid screaming and giggling who ruins your peaceful Friday night.

But I have fallen completely head over heels.... and I love every bit of it.

Happy Snow Day everyone!

(will post more pictures soon)



  1. Oh Suzy yea I had the same feeling months ago. Everybody seemed to have snow yet not us...grrr. But than the weather changed and we were loaded with snow. I love snow deeply, makes he world like a little magical place. But now some have early spring and I do long for soft weather. Specially because my oldest son rides his bike over 1,5 hours to school and it's dangerous out there now on a bike. But it's so common to do here in Holland. So yea give me a little soft breeze and I'm fine.
    Happy weekend and do enjoy your snow sweetie.

  2. Hi, came here from Char's site. I'm in GA too and we got just a teeny little snow.. about fifteen minutes of it!! I was soooo excited.
    I adore your pictures.. really lovely. Have added you to google reader and I'll be back!

  3. Your pictures are so great. Especially the one of the swing. Love it.

  4. Wow, it really snowed there allot. Here in Holland it;s almost gone. Thankfully!

    Great pictures!

  5. your images artistic as always...such a lovely way to capture the excitement . enjoy suzy q

  6. I appreciate the Valentine's wish ... you have a lovely day, too

  7. so glad you have been enjoying it.

    yes, the snow brings out the child in me too.


  8. happy love day.
    happy snow day.

    it's so wonderful to feel your excitement through your words. i do hope you at least went sledding. ;)

    one love.


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