Wednesday, March 24, 2010

People watcher

I am definitely an avid people watcher. I love watching busy moms juggling the stroller, blackberry, and a coffee all at once, while trying to tie the toddler's shoe. Or the man with the cigarette hanging out the window and listening to Willie Nelson on the car radio. There's also the spandex-suited dog walker in the park whose dog is a little too hyper to be anywhere near humans. But my favorite, however, is watching the mannerisms of young children just trying to grow up.

My brother, for example, sticks out his tongue on one side of his mouth while in deep concentration during homework sessions. He also likes to flick his head in order to "swoosh" his hair to one side of his head... this is what all the cool older kids do. (as it turns out, it looks like the kid just has an annoying twitch...)

Are you a people watcher?
(secretly, i worry what the heck people see when they look at me...)


  1. AM I A PEOPLE WATCHER ?'re kidding right ?
    I am totally a people watcher....did you see my stranger post a few days ago ? me some people I tell ya !

  2. I watch people with great intensity. It gets embarrassing sometimes when they happen to notice. Love these pictures of your brother.

  3. Yes I am a people watcher too. When I said in my last blog post I wanted to take meaningful photos this is what I was implying. I want to work more on my people shots, not just with my kids but with others, friends and strangers. I just need to work out how and find some opportunities.

  4. I. Love. People watching. Seriously. I could go to some crowded area, like a mall or shopping center, and just sit and watch people. It's so interesting to see how people dress, how they interact and what they do. My 14 year old daughter loves it too, so I always have someone to people watch with me...

  5. I really enjoy your people watching skills!

  6. I'm not necessarily a people watcher BUT I do love to watch my child. I see so much of both my husband and I in her. It's mystic what mannerisms they inherit from us.

    great pics here.
    one love.

  7. a great way to watch life captured concentration here

  8. Such a cute little boy! ;)
    I am definitely a people watcher as well!

    You are such a talented photographer! Love your blog!

  9. They see pure beauty. I'm so proud of you, Suzanna. Your photography is getting better and better. Keep shooting my sweet niece.

  10. i can just imagine your brother 'concentrating'! My son's four and when he pretends to be angry he does a frighteningly good job of looking just like me - the scowl, hands on the hips, then shaking the finger! He also puts his hand/fingers under his chin when he has 'to think' :-)


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