Sunday, March 21, 2010

she dances

My sister is an athletic goddess. She can try her hand at any sport and succeed. She is also popular... not because of shallow junior high reasons, but because she is a good friend and a compassionate soul. She currently has a six-pack, even though she barely weighs 100 pounds. She has blonde hair and freckles (what better combination?) She is artistic, musical, responsible, intelligent.... the list keeps going.

but, oh wow... she can dance.


  1. I hope she knows how you praise her....

  2. sisters ... both so beautifully gifted each in their own way

  3. Wow she looks very talented. My daughter does hip hop - you have to admire their ability.

  4. She's beautiful! It's nice how much you love your sister.

  5. the best thing though...a sister like you!!


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