Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Time

missing family time

(the last time we were all together... 4th of July fireworks)

the sound of voices heard all around
the clinging of silverware across the table
listening to the memories of a time long ago
raving over the delicately prepared meal
sitting back when every ounce of food is gone, tummies full
staying at the table long after each plate is cleaned, just to enjoy the casual conversation
gathering up the sleepy-eyed children and taking them to their final destinations of the night
falling asleep with a genuine smile etched on my face and grandparents on either side...

I am missing family time at the farm right about now. Thank goodness that in a couple of weeks, we will be packing our minivan and heading up there. Sorry I have been gone for so long... I am sure you all remember the lovely stresses of high school :)

Thanksgiving, can you please hurry up?


  1. you speak of family gatherings with such love SQ ..and YES I remember my days of high school AND two daughters ..hang in there friend!!

  2. Not only do I remember the stresses of high school, I'm going through it again with my daughter. ;) I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving too...just being together and relaxing and having fun.

  3. Uhhh my thoughts about highschool are soft and sweet, no stress no worries about being old and walking bend over soon....pfff do enjoy your stress with flair my sweetie.

    No just kidding I remember, but a break will come soon for you and I'll see you back round then. Wonderful hugs Dagmar

  4. I always enjoy how much you enjoy your family ...

  5. i adore the family time thanksgiving brings.

  6. Soon, soon.

    We'll have a houseful this year. YAY!!


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