Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Thankful Day 1

As Thanksgiving is nearing, I am getting my mind into thankful mode around here. I'm going to be posting little regular posts about what makes me overflow with thankfulness for the next couple of weeks...

Today I am thankful for this little buddy and the way his cool facade disappears as he tucks himself in my parents' bed each night...




Even though he refuses to pick up the bath mat when he gets out of the shower, even though I am the one who has to gather up his strewn belongings across the house and bring them back to his room, even though he blares his cool music way too loud when I am trying to study...

I am so thankful. His crooked smile and tendency to nestle his head on my shoulder while we watch t.v. seems to do the trick.

I love you baby boy.


  1. So glad you have the wisdom to treasure these moments and give thanks.

  2. So sweet.
    Makes me glad I'm able to see what other people are thankful for.

  3. Ohhh yea the best moments ever ever ever. I love the shots you made of your beloved brother and the lines....oh you you rock. Hugs for this one.

  4. such a tender loving tribute..I know he must feel the same suzy!!

  5. We got dogs about a month ago. A first for me. WOW! Do I love it. We're having so much fun. So, I know just what you mean.

  6. How old is he? he's adorable!


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