Tuesday, May 31, 2011

it endures

she's still safe

in young age,
he would lead,
she would follow close behind.
she would lean against his firm shoulder,
feeling secure underneath his sure stature.
he would take care of all duties non-domestic;
she would flawlessly cover the domestic ones.
he would strongly make the major decisions for the family,
always backed by her encouraging words,
and filled with plenty of her input, of course.
he was the leader of dinner conversations,
adding in witty and charming comments and making her laugh adoringly.
he took care of her-
she was safe in his arms.

in older age,
she leads,
holding out her hand for him to follow behind.
she masterfully handles all household duties
and makes all decisions-
without a complaint.
she leads all dinner discussions,
carefully repeating important comments to his silent ear.
she takes care of him-
he is safe in her arms...

and although she is now his caretaker,
she still leans against his sure shoulder;
he still grabs her hand with love.
he still makes charming comments,
and she still laughs adoringly.
a proud love still shines in her eyes...

because she'll always be safe in his arms.


  1. This brings a lump in my throat - the words remind me so much of how things were with my grandparents.

  2. that is a true love story .. you wrote that with poetic tenderness!!

  3. This is just beautiful...and an awesome photo as well!

  4. the enduring love of time ... you wrote it well

  5. Clicked over from I don't even know where, but I love your space here. What a story of love.

  6. This is stunning. Your words, their hearts, the image... all of it, nothing less than perfect.

  7. oh suzy. i have big fat tears. this is extraordinary. and i LOVE your new header, friend!

  8. thank you all! they are a beautiful couple


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