Wednesday, May 11, 2011


french doors

french cafe


as she walked down the streets,
she breathed,
taking in all the smells around her...
the smells of dying cigarettes,
fresh bread,
sweets and perfumes.

she opened her eyes,
seeing the slow,
wonderful pace of the people around her,
the simple enjoyment of everyday life,
the humble, hard-working spirit ingrained into the society.

she perked her ears,
and heard the sounds of children laughing,
of melodic sentences in French tongue,
and of musical smatterings mixing together from musicians housed on different street corners.

and as she lingered slowly,
she felt an urge.
an urge to stay...
to appreciate life,
to grab hold of the rich culture,
to open herself up to the sincere happiness of these people.

and she began to live...

France brought her to life.


  1. Love it. Love the pictures, love the words.

  2. Beautiful post and amazing photos!

  3. Hmmmm looks like Chocolat (the movie). Love the doors my friend. Did a great job.
    Hugs Dagmar

  4. oh suzy, this made me cry. could be the hormones from my pregnancy, but everything you say here, the detailed happiness, speaks to my soul. i long for france :) love to you, girl. xo

  5. emily- may you have the chance to experience france (you'd deserve it!)... you would love it and appreciate it so much.

  6. i would guess that france would bring me to life, too. this is beautiful !

  7. Such fantastic photos and beautiful words.

  8. france is my first love~

    so beautiful, my friend.

  9. You have a good eye, suzyQ. I, too, love France, but I haven't been there in way too many years. I have been to Italy recently (which is where I met Emily). Like France, it makes you appreciate beauty, good food, life itself.


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