Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Suppertime

Sitting out by the pool. Casual conversation. My young cousins splashing in the water. Good Southern cooking. A nice occasional breeze. The feeling of family in the air that I have missed for so long. Mama Sue, my grandmother, worrying about the amount of food on everyone's plate- "That surely isn't enough to eat! Let me go get the butter beans for you," -I always gain a few pounds. Big Daddy, my grandfather, always starting another heated political discussion. My aunt, who inspires me with her brilliant photography, telling us about her new accomplishments that give me chills. The squeals of laughter coming from the pool when my uncle shows off his famous "canon balls." The green grass surrounding us. The plain 'ole love that I have for these people, this time, this family.

This is summer "suppertime" on the farm. This is bliss.

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