Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's the simple things... (a few days late)

Steaming apple cider in the chilly mornings.
The smell of rain...
My moccasins.
Brushing the hair out of my brother's sweet eyes.
Staying inside all day watching Christmas movie marathons- I love this time of year.
The smell of chili throughout my home- making me anxious for tomorrow's supper.
The fact that Thanksgiving is arriving...
Scribbling the beginnings of Christmas lists with my sugar-filled siblings.
The heat from the fire that is warming my toes at the moment...
The preparations for a pumpkin pie.
The freckle-nosed little girl smiling up at me in the choir loft at church this morning.
Going to sleep every night with the comfort of having my sister beside me throughout the night..

and the beautiful kitten that curiously watched the crazy teenager going camera-wild at the sign of leaves...

go here for more simple things.

Much love,


  1. There's nothing better than the simple things that make our heart smile.

  2. You speak about your family so beautifully - I wish my daughter had the same fondness for her little brother.

  3. stunning photos! you have such a great eye ;)

  4. simple is so lovely here ~ blessings for Thanksgiving!

  5. I LOVE Christmas movie marathons. It's a tradition in our home too. This is a beautiful and simple list.

  6. I love your list....such simple things are what fills our hearts the most !

  7. I adore this time of year.
    I feel the love you have for your family.
    Simply beautiful!


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