Sunday, November 15, 2009

on and on...

We were thirteen, on the brink of high school. Everything would soon be changed- our friendships, our schoolwork, our shoe sizes, our teachers, and our lives. But on that warm, humid summer night down by the dock with the crickets humming us a tune and the fish quietly splashing in the pond beneath us, nothing mattered- nothing mattered at all. It was just the four of us; me, with my braces and sun-kissed cheeks, the two boys- 12 feet and battle scars between the two of them, and my best friend, with her sandy feet and over sized t-shirt. Fishing poles in hand, casual conversation, and bubble gum that lost its flavor the hour before; this is all that was on our minds that night. Our palms were sticky, the bonfire was dying down, the fish were long asleep... but we didn't mind. We sat out there for hours with no light but the moon.

On that summer night, the world's end wouldn't have bothered us. That night, on the cusp of young adulthood with our scraggly hair and torn blue jeans, a special, everlasting bond formed between the four of us... those clumsy country kids will never disappear...

no matter what.

and the crickets hum on and on...



  1. Sounds wonderful. I love the sound of crickets - there is something very comforting about their little clicking sound.

  2. this was incredibly beautiful to really should be in a magazine.

    "the world's end wouldn't have bothered us" is so profound !

    and I love the photo you used in your banner !!

  3. you are a very talented young woman ...

  4. such a beautiful poet you are.
    your words are lovely~

  5. What a wonderful memory of growing up, one I am guess will stay with all 4 of you.


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