Friday, November 6, 2009


Have been really busy lately, but here are some glimpses of some of my portraits. (click on each picture to get the full view... I hate how small they turn out on my page! They also look clearer when you click.)

This beautiful girl is my sister- how lucky am I to have such a fantastic model living right at home??

Have a marvelous, blissful, serene weekend.
Much love,


  1. What a pretty girl! And yes, you are lucky to have such a beautiful and willing model living right there with you!

  2. How very pretty she is ... and how very beautifully you "captured" her.

  3. We have never met your sister before, how nice to be introduced to her.

    Do you have a flickr account? You can make your photos bigger if you up load them from flickr. Email me if you want to know how.

  4. Thank you all very much!

    And Liss, I know this is the first time- she has been very reluctant for me to post about her on my blog, but she finally gave in (which pleases me very much.) Be expecting an email sometime soon!

  5. excellent modelling and photographing!

  6. Hi there you. Thans for the followingup on my blog and your kind words. You sure do know how to take a picture. Your sis is lovely and she has cute freckles. I hated mine when I was a girl but now I appreciate them. My oldest son is loaded with them too. Just as I said, I love them every single one of them.

    Oh and to put your pics up here larger just change your template, it's real easy and displays your pics wonderful. If you have questions about it just let me know I'll be gladd to help you out.

  7. such beautiful photos. great job suzyQ

  8. Beautiful portraits of your sister! Nice photography on this blog.


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