Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am sorry that I have been absent for the last week or so... but I have a lot to catch you all up on later.

And here's a preview:


Have a happy rest of the week and weekend.


  1. Hope your proma was fantastic. I love your dress, very beautiful and shiney.

  2. You look so elegant. What a great dress. I hope we get to hear all about the prom.

  3. Wow you look gorgeous, the dress really suits you. I hope you had a fantastic time at the prom.
    We don't have the whole prom tradition here, so I've always wonder what it's like as a teenage to put on a beautiful dress and go to a prom.

  4. You look just like a golden angel. Hope you had a fun one.

  5. BE a u T I F U l SQ!!!! i hope it was a lot of fun!!

  6. What a gorgeous girl! How beautiful.


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