Saturday, April 10, 2010

Digging up

Because my mind is still on spring break mode, I decided to go deep into my archives and dig up an old favorite post that I feel didn't get its time in the spotlight... I am also celebrating my 101st post! So I am sorry if you have seen this post before, but it is one of my all-time favorites...

Chicago, Chicago

We drove 14 hours- all five of us packed in one car, luggage and all. The best trip of my life.


Car horns. Busy sidewalks. Suited-up men talking on their Blackberrys. Brief cases. Shopping bags. Taxis. Gum on my shoes. My mother freaking out as we cross the busy street- holding each of our hands. Wind-soo much wind. The Magnificent Mile. The Sears Tower. Navy Pier. Lattes. Darling boutiques. Wonderful dining on every corner. The feeling of excitement the city brings to me. Mine and my sister's plans to move up to Chicago as soon as we graduate college. New clothes, and much bragging to look forward to when we got back home.
Yes, I am a small-town girl who dreams of an internship at a major advertising firm in New York. Who dreams of being able to go shopping on a whim. Who dreams of going out and actually having a place to go. Who will be on top of every new city trend out there... and the list goes on.

But for now, I am perfectly content with my sleepy street, 30 classmates, neighborhood parties, and the sound of crickets as I fall asleep.

I will save the city for later.


  1. I've only ever been to the airport in Chicago. It looks like a great city to visit and photograph.

  2. i can see why this is a fav..such intense light and movement...great city shot!

  3. That high window view of the Chicago street is breath-taking. I hope you get your internship. You deserve it.

  4. yes I remember this post but am happy you have re-posted it. I enjoyed it us much now as I did back when I first read it.

    Congratulations on 101

  5. Thanks for this re-post as I had not seen it before. Chicago sounds like an awesome place to visit.

    one love.

  6. I like the "orange" elements you caught here and there ... I've been meaning to tell you, too, that I like your new profile picture! It catches the spirit you have spoken of above.


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