Monday, April 5, 2010

Springy Easter

I think this one and the first one are my favorites..

These are various pictures from my lovely Easter weekend. Don't they just gleam "spring"?!
I hope you all had a beautiful Easter as well, and I hope that feeling carries you through this week..

(I am on Spring Break, so mine will be perfect!)

Much love,


  1. Beautiful, well-focused spontaneous shot! Looks like you had a sunny Easter.

  2. That wink and the hair flying in the breeze ... you caught the essence of spring well!

  3. Oh, you've added more.
    I agree, the wink is wonderful. You should do this professionally - maybe you do. You have such a great eye and these shots are so spontaneous.

  4. What beautiful images you have captured. I just love the first one of the little girl in the polker dots - such a bright, happy photo.

  5. the red hair!
    oh the beauty of the red hair.

  6. such expression ..such color ..such movement ...great photos from top to bottom suzy q...enjoy spring break!!

  7. isn't photographing children just the best thing ever ?


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