Saturday, July 25, 2009

Her Locket

He was in the local department store with his sisters and grandma when he saw it. It was the perfect Mother's Day gift and he knew it would look perfectly around her neck. He remembered that he had just enough money in his piggy bank for it- but he had left it all at home. Frustrated, he shyly asked his grandmother to pay for it, promising to pay her back as soon as he could. As they were leaving the store, all he could do was think about his mother's face when she saw it. It was perfect to him and he knew it was perfect for her. He couldn't hide his pride.
On Mother's Day, his mom opened up both of his older sisters' very creative gifts, and loved them. He was starting to worry that his wasn't good enough. His sisters were both artistic and had crafted his mom pieces of art and he felt his gift paled in comparison. Why couldn't he paint something beautiful like that? Why couldn't he take pretty pictures? He began to realize that butterflies were fluttering throughout his stomach and his palms were becoming sticky.
But as his mother picked up the final gift, everyone in the room knew that the ten dollar locket was the most precious gift of them all.
She still wears her son's locket proudly- every single day.

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