Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

For only my first week back, school this week has been insanely hectic. And not to forget, my sports practices that have been lasting from 3:30 to 7:30! I will go crazy by the end of the year. At my school, we have an infamous history teacher that everyone fears... and I now have him for the first time this year. And I have to say, he definitely lived up to my terrifying expectations. When it is time for his class, our class has learned to quietly swift in, not to speak a word, show no emotion, and agree with everything he says. I have my first quiz from him tomorrow- I am really worried...

I am sorry for the lack of posting this week, but come this weekend I will have a lot to write about!

If only I could just forget everything and prop my feet up for just one second...


  1. Hi Suzy - that is awful that you have a teacher like that. Teachers should be there to encourage and support students - not make them fearful. Don't worry about your quiz - I am sure it will all be good - I will be sending positive vibes your way :)

  2. I had an experience with a teacher like this but he were an English teacher. I dreaded his red pen scribbling all of my written assignments as I went to school in the day before internet and pc's. LOL :)

    It seem now days even from a very young age a lot of pressure is put on kids, to be good at school, complete piles of home work, participate in sport. Life for everybody just for some reason seems to be getting busier for everybody regardless of age.


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