Sunday, August 23, 2009


Tiny toes. Stubby fingers. Crooked smiles that bubble your heart over. Billions of questions. Skinned knees. Dirt behind the ears. Chubby cheeks. Dimples. Pink cheeks. Button noses. Mama's Girl. Daddy's Boy. Holes in jeans. Playful. Innocent. Happy. Carefree. Loving. Beautiful. Warm.

Now, I know that I am very young as well, but I do not compliment myself by saying I am child.

I love this photo. I think it is a wonderful description of childhood- dancing through life, not paying attention, or caring, who is watching.

So my challenge for us all this week? Be a kid. Ask billions of questions. Skin up those knees! Who cares if you get a few holes in your jeans? Be loving, happy, warm, carefree, and playful...

but above all else?




  1. Really, a great blog. Reflects your personality too. Keep it going!

  2. We should all remember to do that - I think I will take a leaf from your book and try it too.

  3. ahahahahhahahahah! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh don't forget to ask "why" when every your mum tells yo something. "why", "why" "why" it'll drive her crazy but it such a kid like thing to do.

    Have fun being a child again.

  5. yes, this is a great photo! makes me smile.


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