Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is a BIG Deal.

Driving. Any excuse I can get, I am snatching those keys and heading out the door. Sure, it is only a learner's license, but I am still on the road. I got my license a week ago, and I have already almost put my mother in cardiac arrest. Since I am one of the youngest in my class, all year I have been enviously watching my friends finally get that taste of freedom- and now I get to experience it as well.

I can't wait until next year when I get the real thing...
I hope my mother won't have killed me by then.


  1. Can you drive by yourself on a learners license?

    Here in Australia you can get your learners at 16 but cant get your full license till 18.

    On your learners you must always be accompanied by someone who has a full license.

    Enjoy your freedom and take care even if it is just to please mother :)

  2. No, I can't drive by myself, I have to have someone who has a full license too... Over here we get our learners at 15 and the full license at 16.

    I am already enjoying it! But I am not quite sure about pleasing my mom yet...

  3. OMG - 15 that seems so young. Take care on the roads - there are so many lunatics out there - have a great weekend Suzy :)


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