Sunday, September 20, 2009

I had so much fun doing this.

Name: known as suzyQ to most

Date: September 20, 2009

Learn Something about Yourself: Quiz

What makes you happy? Waking up to light shining through my window on a sunny day. Stepping outside and feeling a slight nip in the air, right in the beginning of fall . Putting on the first sweater of the year. Family bonding at the dinner table. Writing, writing, and writing . Napping with the rain and an empty mind . My dog, Sam . Weekends full of game nights and lazy mornings. Taking pictures of my beautiful life that I couldn’t even begin to put into words.

What are your dreams? I want to travel around the world . I want to have three children, whom I will love with all my heart and whom of I will take many, many pictures . I want to live in New York City for some amount of time. I want to be famous (ha!). But above all, I want to be blissfully happy no matter what.

What are some improvements you would like to make to yourself? Can I use three pages for this one? Well, there are many improvements that I need to make to myself, but I think there always is for everyone. The most major one, however, would probably be my too-quick-to-judge-ness. As hard as I try to be non-judgmental, I always get initial thoughts buzzing around in my head when I first meet someone, and unfortunately, those thoughts aren’t always good. I am working on it though!

Who are your role models? Why? My grandmother, Mama Sue, will always be one of the major role models in my life. She battled cancer a few years ago, and even though she has gotten rid of the disease, it did leave its mark in her everyday life. She is always trying to help everyone around her, but the after shocks of the past chemotherapies have left her feeling tired very often after little exerts of energy. She is constantly working hard for others no matte r what, and I hope that I will be at least a fraction of the dedicated person that she is.

What do you want to be when you “grow up?” To employ at either a major advertising or marketing firm, or something creative. But most importantly, I must love it.

Describe your current life. Currently trying to fit family time, boyfriend time, friend time, extra-curricular activity time, spiritual time, school time, fun time, and me-time into my already insane schedule. But loving every minute of it.

3 wishes. Go: 1.) I wish for me to stop questioning life, but living it. 2.) I wish for peace in not only my own life, but in life around the world (I know, very beauty pageant of me). 3.) I wish for me to become a better writer to better describe how wonderful life really is.

Sending vibes for a good week your way!




  1. I think we are all guilty of judging people at times, just try keeping an open mind and think how it makes you feel when people judge you to quickly.

    Through my experiences I have learn the saying walk a mile in my shoes is true. I always try to remember this and give people at least a few changes.

    I hope that you get to experience traveling the world and may all your dreams come true.

    Don't forget me when you are famous :)

  2. Hello! gorgeous answers, lovely blog!! kind thoughts

  3. Liss: Thanks for such great advice. I will certainly remember that. And I will be sure not to :)

    Meandering pearl: Thank you so much!


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