Sunday, September 13, 2009

I hope he knows

I found this on my brother's desk yesterday morning. In all his sweetness, he created a list of his daily routine starting from bedtime.

I see a very successful future for this boy.
His handwriting is just like my dad's... If you can't read some of it, it says:

1. Prayers
2. Sleep
3. Get up take shower at 6:10 (he is the morning person of our family)
4. Get out at 6:20 (Ten minutes? I don't think he has quite reached his goal yet. His showers usually estimate around twenty minutes. Much to his sisters' dismay)
5. Brush teeth
6. Go in mom's room and sleep till 6:40 (mama's boy)
7. (he hasn't added the next step yet)

If only he knew how much I love him.


  1. how sweet! why have a shower before another sleep with mama?!

  2. I love how your brother has been very precise. He is very lucky he doesn't live in Melbourne 20 minute showers are a no no 10 minutes showers are unheard of. With our drought and water restriction we are encouraged to limit them to 4 minutes.

    This would allow him more time to sleep with mom.

  3. Kamana: I think it is because he likes to annoy his sisters!

    Liss: I don't know if he is even capable of a 4 minute shower! He is incredibly slow. But he would certainly enjoy more time to snuggle with his mama...

  4. this is too cute!
    It reminds me of something my little brother and sister would do :)
    except my sisters would consist of prancing around like a fairy and bursting into my room to ask me random questions haha.
    love the post :)

  5. Thank you both! Glad to have you guys here.


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