Thursday, September 3, 2009


As we are approaching the final weeks of our current season (for me, it is summer,) I challenge you all to scoop up every last bit of these final moments. Go outside and take a billion pictures of nature this time of year so you can enjoy the beauty all year long. I will be posting my finds on here throughout the next week... This summer has been a beautiful one and I want to get a picture of every last glorious thing! I also want to see what moments you all can capture as well... even if you haven't ever even held a camera before- I promise you, you will love it.

So let's take time to notice all of the simple, ordinary perfection surrounding our every day lives... let's take time to savor.


  1. We are now into Spring and I am enjoying the flowers and the birds after a cold and baron winter. Our world is a funny place. Loved your photo.

  2. I will be doing exactly that this whole month....since winter here forces me to use photos from the summer and fall because....well, because I just really don't like winter :)


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