Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Memory Monday

After long thought and much consideration, I have decided to start a new weekly blog theme called "Memory Monday." Each Monday I will share a memory from my cherished past.

And yes, I do realize today is Tuesday, but I just couldn't wait another week!

So sit back and enjoy...

I have analyzed and over-analyzed my first memory to share with you... And after a lot of mind battling, I came up with the perfect subject: My great-great grandmother.

She was my mother's grandmother. She had snow-white hair and the most beautiful facial features I have ever seen. Her wardrobe consisted of all the most elegant apparel of the time. Her famous quotes are still remembered throughout my family today. Visiting her mediterranean-style home to visit with her and sip apple juice in her charmingly outdated kitchen was always anticipated. Her Southern antebellum accent made anyone she met instantly fall in love with her.

These are some of the few things I tangibly remember about her since I was only in 4th grade when she passed away, but the most prominent memory in my mind is how much my grandfather loved her. She was his mother. What can one do when they lose a parent? I can't even fathom. But I remember sitting in the kitchen at my grandparents' house and my grandfather saying...

"There will never be another woman like her."

Man, I wish I could have known her longer.



  1. Oh that is beautiful that your great grandfather loved her so. I remember my grandmother's smell of perfume and she use to give me her jewelry.

    I like the sound of memory monday, it has a ring to it.

  2. there will never be another woman like my grandmother....and oh the memories I have of her would fill so many pages and cramp my fingers from typing so many words....she was the love of my life :)

    I love your memory monday....

  3. There is so much more I could write as well!

    And thank you very much :)


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